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Choose an appropriate image package.


  • 5 Page $22.5
    $4.5 Image
  • 10 Page $43
    $4.3 Image
  • 25 Page $100
    $4 Image
  • 50 Page $190
    $3.8 Image
  • 100 Page $350
    $3.5 Image
  • 250 Page $800
    $3.2 Image
  • 500 Page $1500
    $3 Image
  • 1000 Page $2500
    $2.5 Image
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  • 5 Page $46
    $9.2 Image
  • 10 Page $89
    $8.9 Image
  • 25 Page $215
    $8.6 Image
  • 50 Page $410
    $8.2 Image
  • 100 Page $790
    $7.9 Image
  • 250 Page $1875
    $7.5 Image
  • 500 Page $3600
    $7.2 Image
  • 1000 Page $6800
    $6.8 Image
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License of image purpose

  • Purpose Standard license Extended License
  • Digital purposes: website, Weibo, WeChat, email, etc.
  • Offline printing: flyers, posters, newspapers, magazines, packaging, etc. Limited to 500,000 License of printing number
  • Outdoor advertising (buildings, car bodywork, light boxes, enclosures, shop windows, outdoor billboards)
  • Resale design template (software / program) APP skin / theme)
  • Resale (textiles, mobile phone cases, greeting cards, postcards, calendars, cups, T-shirts, etc.)
  • Sensitive purposes (medical, pharmaceutical, tobacco, cosmetic, health care advertising and promotion)
  • Trademark, LOGO
  • TV, online video, movies

Choose an appropriate video package.

HD: Resolution of the video is approximately 1920*1080

  • 3 Item $331
    $110.33 Per item
  • 5 Item $511
    $102.2 Per item
  • 10 Item $962
    $96.2 Per item
  • 25 Item $2073
    $82.92 Per item
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4K: Resolution of the video is approximately 4096*2160

  • 3 Item $646
    $215.33 Per item
  • 5 Item $781
    $156.2 Per item
  • 10 Item $1422
    $142.2 Per item
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Call 010-59212919 to buy a video package.

Licensed video service scope

  • Purpose HD, 4K standard authorization HD, 4K full authorization (package purchase not supported)
  • Media (Weibo, WeChat)
  • Multimedia publications (disc, U disk, etc.)
  • Live performance
  • Advertising (Led screen <indoor, outdoor>)
  • Master Vision
  • Film and television (movies, TV series, documentaries, video websites, homemade dramas, corporate videos)


  • Service Standard license Extended License
  • License term Permanent since authorizing date Permanent since authorizing date
  • License territory worldwide worldwide
  • Limit of liability under the license Up to ¥70,000 No upper limit

Size guide

  • There are many choices for the size of panoramastock so that you may choose the best image for you. all images are three routine sizes, web, M and L, and XL. XL is always the original document from the contributor. You has the option for the best quality.  
  • Guide to sizes of image:
  • • Web/Blog images need the least download time and are suitable for digital purpose.
  • • Medium (M) images are suitable for small printing and digital purpose.
  • • Large (L) are suitable for large printing and digital purpose
  • • After choosing XL or (EL), you can download the original file size provided by the contributor. Generally speaking, the original file will provide you with the best quality.
  • Generally speaking, we recommend downloading large sizes and then scaling them for your purpose. As long as you have a valid plan, you can go back and re-download images of different sizes at any time.
  • Image DPI
  • All panoramastock images come from 300 DPI (dots per inch). For the purpose of printing, 300 DPI is the standard, and 72 DPI is the standard for network purpose.
  • How to choose size of vector
  • The vector (EPS) can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution with very high editing capability.


  • 1. How to buy:
  • Purchase the package according to demand and complete the payment according to the prompt, and start using the package immediately. Multiple packages can be purchased for the same account.
  • 2. Effective term of package:
  • The video package shall be downloaded and used within 1 year (365 days), and the licensed use terms must be strictly followed. The video products are permanently usable worldwide and the license is non-transferable.
  • 3. Preference for buyer:
  • Contact Panorama for more purchase requirements. Sales staff can tailor the service according to your needs.
  • 4.Issue a voice:
  • After purchasing the package and completing the payment, contact customer service line 4008-117-888 for any invoice requirement.
  • 5. Download failed:
  • In the event that the download timeout or interruption occurs due to the network speed and other uncertain factors, you may click the download prompt to continue downloading or enter the order center-selected package to select the corresponding package and continue downloading. Repeated downloads will not be billed. Call 4008-117-888 for any questions about buying the image or 010-59212929 for any questions about buying vide.

Panorama provides the following high quality services for you

  • High quality genuine pictures / videos
  • Safe and convenient payment process
  • Professional customer service and support
  • Best price
  • Reasonable and diverse purchase methods
  • 7*24 one-click image purchase and download