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Terms of Service

Confirmation and acceptance of Terms of Service of www.quanjing.com

The ownership and operation rights of the various electronic services of www.quanjing.com are reserved by Panorama Media Limited. www.quanjing.com provides services in strict accordance with the published regulations, Terms of Service and operating rules. User cannot become the official User of www.quanjing.com until he/she has fully agreed all Terms of Service and completed the registration process.


Panorama Media Limited fully respects the rights of the customers and uses the basic information obtained from customers in accordance with the following provisions. To complete the franchise transaction and provide services to our customers, we need some basic information, generally including (but not limited to) name, address and phone number:
(1) Providing specific and accurate personal information.
(2)Updating registration information and meeting the requirements of timeliness, specialization and accuracy.
We use the customer information to complete the collaboration and disclose this information and cooperation details to our branches and partners around the world. The nature of the Internet also determines that all data are transmittable around the world.
Besides, we provide various promotional materials to the customers based on the email or mailing address on the registration form. Customer may also receive a range of information about special promotions, new products, services and more. When we receive a notice of that such information is no longer required , we will stop sending information to the customer. We do not share any information provided by the customer from the sources outside www.qianjing.com. If you believe that Panorama Media Limited fails to fully implement the above rules, or want to deregister at Panorama Media Limited’s system, you may contact us immediately and we will make a reasonable response or modification, except that.
(1) User authorizes www.quanjing.com to disclose such information.
(2) Relevant law and procedure requires www.quanjing.com to provide personal information of User.
If the information provided by User contains incorrect information, www.quanjing.com reserves the right to terminate User’s use of the network service.

Modification of Terms of Service and revisions of service

www.quanjing.com has the right to modify the Terms of Service when necessary. The content will be prompted on the important page Once the Terms of Service have changed. If User does not agree with the changes, he or she may cancel the obtained network services. If User continues to enjoy the network services, it is deemed to be subject to changes in the Terms of Service. www.quanjing.com reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service from time to time without notifying User. www.quanjing.com has the right to modify or discontinue the service without being responsible for User or third parties.

User’s account, password and security

The registered User will receive a password and a username as a legal User of www.quanjing.com.
The User will be fully responsible for the security of the username and password. In addition, each User is solely responsible for all activities and events conducted under their username. You can always change your password according to the instructions.
If you find any illegal use of User account or security breaches, you should notify www.quanjing.com immediately.

Limited liability

www.quanjing.com is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, which may result from inappropriate use of network services, purchase of goods online or services of the same type, transactions on the Internet, illegal use f network service or any change in the information transmitted by User. All these behaviors may cause the damage to the image of www.quanjing.com, so www.quanjing.com warns User of the possibility of such damage in advance.

Storage and restriction of User information

www.quanjing.com is not liable for the deletion or storage failure of the information posted by User. www.quanjing.com has the right to determine whether the User’s behavior meets the requirements and spirit of the Terms of Service of the website. If User violates the Terms of Service, www.quanjing.com has the right to stop providing network service .


User agrees to protect and maintain the interests of all members of www.quanjing.com, and is liable for paying the lawyer’s fees caused by the use of User beyond the scope of service, the damage compensation fees for violation of the Terms of Service, etc.

Termination of service

Either of User and www.quanjing.com may discontinue one or more network services at any time according to actual conditions. www.quanjing.com has the right to discontinue service at any time without assuming liability to any individual or third party. User may exercise following rights if he or she has objection to the subsequent modification of the Terms of Service, or is dissatisfied with the service of the website::
(1)Stopping using the network service of www.quanjing.com.
(2) Informing www.quanjing.com of stopping services for the User.
User’s right to use network service will be ceased immediately once the service for User is terminated. Since then, User has no right to require www.quanjing.com, and www.quanjing.com has no obligation, to transmit any unprocessed information or uncompleted service to User or any third party.


All notices sent to User can be sent via announcements on important pages or by email or regular mail. Modifications to the Terms of Service, changes to the Service, or notices of other important matters will be made in this form.

Ownership of contents of network service

The ownership over the website is reserved by Panorama Media Limited. The elements of the website including, but not limited to, text descriptions, design graphics, photographs, feature films, music, illustrations, and various software are owned by Panorama Media Limited and the content providers.
All components of the Panorama Media Limited website, including, but not limited to, designs and contents, are protected by a series of related intellectual property laws such as laws on copyrights, moral rights, and trademark rights. Any person cannot copy or transfer all content such as pictures, texts, etc. from the website in any form. All rights over above contents are exclusively owned by Panorama Media Limited.
Panorama Media Limited will claim the person involved in violation of the cooperative regulations or the illegal use of the content of the website to compensate for the loss, use and damage of the ownership.


The Terms of Service should be consistent with the legal interpretation of the People’s Republic of China, and both of User and www.quanjing.com agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Higher Court. In case any conflict between the Terms of Service and the laws of the People’s Republic of China, these Terms of Service will be re-interpreted in accordance with the laws completely, and other terms will still have legal effect on User.