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Privacy policy

Panorama Media Limited fully respects the rights of the customers and uses the basic information obtained from customers in accordance with the following provisions. To complete the franchise transaction and provide services to our customers, we need some basic information, generally including (but not limited to) name, address and phone number. We use the customer information to complete the collaboration and disclose this information and cooperation details to our branches and partners around the world. The nature of the Internet also determines that all data are transmittable around the world.

Besides, we provide various promotional materials to the customers based on the email or mailing address on the registration form. Customer may also receive a range of information about special promotions, new products, services and more. When we receive a notice of that such information is no longer required , we will stop sending information to the customer. We do not share any information provided by the customer from the sources outside If you believe that Panorama Media Limited fails to fully implement the above rules, or want to deregister at Panorama Media Limited’s system, you may contact us immediately and we will make a reasonable response or modification.

None of Panorama Media Limited and the directors, employees, content providers, affiliates, and other agents of Panorama Media Limited should assume full liability for the loss caused by or incapable of use by customer, except as specifically stated in the Terms of Use, elsewhere on the Site, or other applicable law.

Panorama Media Limited also has links to other websites. However, it doesn’t own these websites and thus is not responsible for any loss incurred by customers when using these websites. Panorama Media Limited has links to these sites, but customer has no right to claim Panorama Media Limited for such loss.

The guarantees or liabilities for losses in certain areas are not recognized in some countries, so some of the above restrictions may not be suitable for certain customers.

We have right to modify the Terms of Use, price, information and effective conditions for license from time to time.