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About Panorama Media Limited

Panorama Media Limited has been devoting itself into the enhancement of visual value since founding in 2015. So far it has become a new-type internet company featuring picture search + picture e-business. Panorama Media Limited is keeping building up new platforms for visual works of advertising agencies and media.

As one of excellent local large picture libraries in China, Panorama Media Limited has a major advantage: integration of picture resources and user-oriented value added services. Panorama Media Limited is the exclusive agent of over 100 famous picture brands and hundreds of domestic well-known photographers, providing users with over 8,000 quality pictures and millions of short videos , as well as services in creative pictures, picture editing, pictures of oriental elements and picture IPRs.

Headquartered in Beijing, Panorama Media Limited has operations in four major creative media centers: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, which enable it easier to respond quickly to users’ demands. According to the characteristics of creative works, Panorama Media Limited provides 24/7 service. It is the first in the industry to support large-sized graphics for better advertising comparison and proposals, providing value-added services such as small pictures, maps and retouching, so that the creative performance is perfect. The targeted shooting and professional vision solutions for the special demands of users can effectively meet the communication requirements of business owners and improve marketing efficiency.

Committed to the corporate position of “creative visual economy”, market-oriented to meet the needs of users, with sales as the center, Panorama Media Limited will provide a broader platform for creative/media industry in China and around the world and contribute to creative visual economy in China.